Forensic Investigations

Forensic Investigations

P1 Cyber provides a Cyber Forensic Investigation service to help you answer key questions after you’ve experienced an attack.

We look to find answer to the following questions during our Forensic Investigation Process.

Once our investigation is complete we aim to inform you how an attack happened, and what steps you can take to prevent an attack from happening in the future.

We specialise in:

  • Database Forensics. The examination of information contained in databases, both data and related metadata.

  • Email Forensics. The recovery and analysis of emails and other information contained in email platforms, such as schedules and contacts.

  • Malware Forensics. Sifting through code to identify possible malicious programs and analyzing their payload. Such programs may include Trojan horses, ransomware or various viruses.
Memory forensics. Collecting information stored in a computer’s random access memory (RAM) and cache.

Mobile forensics. The examination of mobile devices to retrieve and analyse the information they contain, including contacts, incoming and outgoing text messages, pictures, and video files.

Network forensics. Looking for evidence by monitoring network traffic, using tools such as a firewall or intrusion detection system.