Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Endpoint detection and response, also known as endpoint threat detection and response, is a cyber technology that continually monitors and responds to mitigate cyber threats We recommend as a starting point for all our clients they take our EDR service. Our EDR Service is the best way to protect yourself and your organisation from cyber threats that are out there. A lot of our clients believe because they have don’t need EDR as they have an Anti-Virus Solution.  EDR can do so much more than just a simple Anti-Virus Solution! EDR VS Anti-Virus ADVANCED THREATS Today, adversaries have access to nation grade hacking tools. To face such capabilities, your team needs to include a technology that was built to do so, unlike legacy AV that is relying on prior knowledge to sign and detect new malware.   POLYMORPHIC MALWARE Attackers can easily defeat signature-based AV tools that rely on checking a file’s hash against a known database of malware hashes   MALICIOUS DOCUMENTS Sometimes a maliciously-formatted document is used to exploit vulnerabilities in the opening application to achieve code execution, and legacy AV cannot detect such by reputation.   FILELESS MALWARE In the last few years attackers have realised that traditional AV solutions have a gaping blind spot: malicious processes can be executed in-memory without dropping tell-tale files for AV scanners to find. ENCRYPTED TRAFFIC Malicious actors can hide their activities from inspection by ensuring, just like regular websites, that traffic between the victim and the attacker’s command-and-control (C2) server is protected by end- to-end encryption. We use the world leading EDR Tool Sentinel One to protect our clients. Find out below why we recommend this tool to all our customers: Sentinel One is a full feature enterprise-grade EDR platform for use in identifying threats and responding to them. Our EDR is not ordinary. It features high levels of automation to make each analyst’s job easier. SentinelOne also automatically identifies computer assets and users associated with threats in the environment, so that an organization can quickly pinpoint who is affected.SentinelOne identifies network devices that do not have agents installed. We also identify other IP-enabled devices on networks including IoT and other previously unknown yet connected devices. SentinelOne helps organizations to address this requirement with application vulnerability risk scoring. Without the need to scan, the SentinelOne agent automatically collects a full application inventory from all managed endpoints and maps the application versions to known vulnerabilities. This discovery provides automated risk identification for the enterprise and quickly enhances risk posture, enabling successful and prioritized patch management program.